Thursday, April 3, 2008

#18 (WEEK 8) Online productivity tools (ZOHO)

Hey! I am psyched about ZOHO writer. cool I once heard on the radio that many people are starting to get rid of their fancy cell phones. You know, the ones that surf the web, text, email, and do the laundry. What did these people want? A cell phone that can be used to make and receive calls, clearly. I think ZOHO is on to something with the what you see is what you get menu. Many word processors, i.e., Word 2007, bury some functions so far into the menu that you need an archaeologist to dig them out. I also like the ability to work on documents offline. Did you hear that Google? OFFLINE! Now for the hard part (I hope), finding the bugs in ZOHO.


Celina said...


Thank you for your compliments on Zoho Writer.

We also request you to try out other services like sheet, show, wiki etc.

Please feel free to write to us your concerns / suggestions about our services.

With Best Regards,

LatteloverLibrary2 said...

CocoaCowboy is still going! Way to keep at it. You probably noticed there's an extension until May 1st to complete the program. You're almost done so keep working - I can't wait to see what great YouTube video you'll post for us to enjoy!

libraryqueen said...

Hey CoCoa Cowboy...I enjoyed your post about ZOHO. I am going to share this with my students. Often times they bring in disks/drives to the library where they have used Microsoft Works (which is not compatible with most of my computers). ZOHO is a great tool for students who cannot afford to buy "Office" yet still want to produce and access their work at home and at school.